Zeta White 3-in-1: Best Skin Lightening Cream for Black Skin.

What do you do to lighten your skin tone and fade the dark pigmentation? Bleach? Or, use fairness creams? If so, then it is an erroneous decision made! Because, the chemicals that are used in skin whitening and bleaches might provide you with a temporary solution, but in the long run it harms your skin.

Regardless of sexes, we all desire to have a flawless, smooth and spotless skin tone. As a reason people like you and me often indulge in skin bleaching, which is pretty much dependable when one wants to let go of black spots or any other spots in the skin or discoloration. But, the composition of such products are rather very harmful and cause skin and health problems such as:

  • Dark grey spots
  • Acne
  • Thinning of your skin
  • Skin swelling
  • Skin cancer
  • Cataract
  • Severe birth defects
  • Neurological disorders and kidney damage, due to the high concentration of mercury used in creams
  • Asthma
  • Osteoporosis, and the list goes endless
Zeta White - best skin lightening cream

Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to find out the side effects of bleaching or using skin products that contain bleach before you jump start into whitening your skin. Else, some of its damaging side effects are to be seen immediately, while some show its effects after a prolonged use of skin whitening cream.

Or, to keep you sheltered from the adverse side effects of chemicals used in bleaches and skin whitening products, a group of researchers have given rise to a powerful skin lightening product, known as Zeta White.

Zeta White, is not just a safe alternative to harsh bleaching creams, but has been carefully developed with a blend of natural, yet exceedingly effective ingredients that are known for illuminating your skin

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Zeta White 3-point Skin Lightening System.


Diminishes dark spots and pigmentations for a naturally lightened and illuminated skin.


Papaya Extract. Lemon Extract, Liquorice Extract and Allantoin.


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The Benefits the Zeta White on your skin

The Zeta White is a 3-point lightening system designed to covers all aspects of skin lightening solutions, that include, face wash, moisturiser and night cream that works in combination for meeting your skin’s needs, at the most ideal times.

Step1: Face Lightening Wash- The Zeta White’s Face Wash embraces enzymes that are rich in papaya extract- to naturally lighten your skin, and lemon extracts- which is known to reduce the melanin production by your skin. The Face Wash is the first-step taken towards creating the foundation for lighter and whiter skin. For best results, you are advised to use it every morning and evening.

Step2: Lightening Moisturiser - The second step of the Zeta White’s 3-point lightening system consists of the lightening moisturiser- a power house of liquorice extract, which not only helps brighten your skin, but also acts as a natural sunscreen and shade against the skin darkening rays. Its daily use in combination with the Lightening Wash, aids protection against future darkening and spots.

Step3: Lightening Night Cream- The Night cream of the Zeta White is the last and the final step taken towards replenishing your skin even while you are asleep. The Night cream works by blowing on high levels of Allantoin, which aids in discarding dead cells from the surface of your skin, thereby making way for the growth of new, lighter skin and intercepting your skin from future darkening. Its anti-inflammatory properties give you a brighter and revitalised tone on waking.

The Zeta White’s 3-point lightening system work around-the-clock to deliver your delicate skin with skin lightening ingredients for a healthy and flawless looking skin. Its optimal blend of safe and all-natural ingredients is stuffed with soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients that whiten your skin tone naturally, WITHOUT causing the slightest of harm.

The Ingredients fused in the Zeta White formula

Skin darkening and pigmentation is a resulting cause of age, genetics and environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun, which can lead to an increase in the production of pigment melanin. Factors that are known to trigger the production of melanin causes darkening and pigmentation that settles deep in your skin. Hence, to provide cushion against such factors the Zeta White 3-point system is created with densely packed safe and gentle lightening compounds that thwart the production of melanin from being produced, thereby restoring your skin’s natural whiteness.

The following are the few ingredients that are used in the formulation of Zeta White:

Papaya Extract: This ingredient is known for lightening your skin tone, as papaya contains papain enzymes that has skin-cleansing properties to help you get rid of clogged pores. And, as you know clogged pores give rise to acne and pimples. Besides its cleansing properties, the exfoliating effect of papaya also helps eliminate dead skin cells to unclog your pores.

Lemon Extract: Acne is a skin condition where hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. So, the presence of citric acid in lemon extracts has reversing the effects of damage and prevent acne, along with treating a number of other skin conditions.

Liquorice Extract: This ingredient has a number of benefits, starting from diminishing the appearance of dark under-eye circles, to discoloration and spots of aging. The extracts of this ingredient contain powerful antioxidants, which safeguards your skin from environmental stressors, and “licochalcone” that is known for maintaining an oil balance.

Allantoin:This is a white powder that helps soften and protect your skin while actively soothing it. This ingredient is also known to stimulate the process of cell regeneration for promoting healthy skin. Obtained from the root of the comfrey plant, is also a non-irritant that has the capacity to heal your skin and stimulate the growth of healthy tissue along with removing dead skin cells at night.

The chemical-free, toxin-free and hydroquinone free blend of ingredients has no evil side effects. And, all the ingredients are applied in individual products, or as a complete skin lightening system for delivering you the best of results.

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The Top 5 reasons that identify the Zeta White as the Prime Skin Whitening Solution:

The Zeta White 3-point Lightening System works all day and night to furnish you with best possible results.

Ingredients used are 100% Safe, Natural and Vegan.

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And, with every order of the Zeta White 3-point lightening system, you receive an additional Zeta White face wash for free, worth $64.35.

Drop out on those chemical bleaching creams and the hassles of mixing it to the right proportion and keeping record of the time and date, when you have the 95% organically formulated Zeta White 3-point lightening system to serve you with improved results. This skin lightening system has been specially developed to provide you with an around-the-clock solution. And, most importantly the product is designed keeping in mind most delicate skin types and deliver lightened and illuminated skin in the healthiest way possible.